"What's 2XYA?"

2XYA is a music project. Spotify calls us an "Artist". The kids back in the day used to call all music projects "bands", until "Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor" showed up in the liner notes of Pretty Hate Machine in 1989 (Taylor's birth year) and opened up a world of possibilities in the minds of the youth.

We make hits. We're good at it. We're serious about it.

2XYA is a fresh start. This is not our first rodeo, but we don't want the knowledge of our past projects to color the opinions of this one, or vice versa.

"Where's your music?"

Our first single will be released in summer 2024 on our Spotify page. We sometimes host listening parties on our Twitch channel. Follow us there to get notified when we go live.

If you want to get notified the moment our songs hit Spotify, join our mailing list.

"What does 2XYA mean? Does it stand for something?"

It's a secret. You can try to guess, if you want. Nobody's figured it out yet. Many have tried and failed. Some of their guesses are even better than the real thing, child.

Think you've figured it out? Message us.

"Where can I follow you?"

Check the links at the top of this page. We're 2XYA on Spotify, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud. We're @twoxya on socials.

2XYA event log

2024-06-18 Tue 21:30 edt [Twitch] Waterslide release party
2024-06-18 Tue 00:00 gmt [all platforms] Waterslide single release

2024-04-23 Tue 21:30 edt [Twitch] unreleased music preview #3
2023-11-03 Fri 21:30 est [Twitch] unreleased music preview #2
2023-07-19 Wed 21:30 edt [Twitch] unreleased music preview #1